Friday, October 8, 2010

A Travelling Butcher

At first, when I heard Allan Carr (complete with microphone) I thought it was an antique auction taking place in the small village of Acle, England. I nudged towards a very large refrigerated truck wondering what I would find, and heard. "Two pounds of rump steak and four pork chops for...." Then, when the auctioneer/butcher did not get a response, he pretended to be cross, and said. "Okay, I can see you're a tough crowd - and want more for your money...I'll throw in two pounds of pork sausages." The crowd yelled in delight, and began waving their money in the air. An assistant ran around collecting the money as she handed over the meat that was wrapped in white greaseproof paper.

The whole episode was absolutely fascinating to watch - not just the butcher's antics, but also the crowd. I think Mr. Carr must have a regular following, because his audience seemed to know and trust him. He is also very entertaining, I could have watched and listened to him all day.