Friday, July 13, 2012

Mary Kay Products

It’s been many years since I’ve used Mary Kay products…and I must say I’m impressed with the new line of cosmetics. Recently, a beauty consultant approached me, and asked me lots of questions about my makeup, cleansing, etc. In turn, I asked her a lot of questions, and was so pleased with the answers that I promptly placed an order. The cosmetics are competitively priced, good value for money, but having a personal consultant who listens to my needs is invaluable. Jennifer Stoneking is just such a person. She takes pride in the "personal touch," and loves to work with her clients. As an added incentive, she ships her orders free of charge.  

When asked what she likes best about her job, Jennifer said, “I love doing make-overs, Cleansing Classes on how to treat your skin, and I love helping to put gifts together! Some of my favorite products are:

TimeWise Miracle Set and TimeWise Ultimate Miracle Set

Microdermabrasion Set
  • Oil Free Eye Make-up Remover
  • Eye Primer, Lip Primer, and Foundation Primer
  • Lash and Brow Building Serum (NEW!)
  • All Make-Up Products
**Mary Kay has 100% Customer Guarantee Satisfaction 

For more information contact:
Jennifer Stoneking
Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Extraordinary Places...Close to London

A Review by Patricia Pound on Extraordinary Places…Close to London
ISBN 0-8038-2031-3

Elizabeth Wallace has produced a very informative, valuable and comprehensive book, a guide to some interest and historical places to visit all within easy distance from London. The book covers the Southeast of England and includes travels to the Counties of Essex, Kent and East Sussex all steeped in history with many a tale to tell. Elizabeth has relayed much information of the places not to be missed, their fascinating, historical past and the transport systems available to reach these destinations. Included are tips and information on where to eat and where to stay and what to see and look out for as you discover all that this region has to offer. 

The author in this case has a particular qualification, enabling her to share her knowledge with the first time visitor to this area of England, for the information she offers is well known to her, as she was born and lived here before making her home in America. Taking with her a love of the history and the familiar countryside and expressing that love in sharing her knowledge with others that they too might enjoy to the full all that these places offer. A tourist with limited time to investigate the possibilities will come prepared having read this guide which will be a useful and valuable companion throughout your planned journeys. The book will make the difference from negotiating a complicated maze into a gentle and confident stroll around already familiar places. The book is a handy size to maintain a functional reference whether kept in a sensible travelling bag or stuffed into a copious coat pocket. There is an easy to find and follow index of particular subject matter which includes, Castles, Churches, Gardens, Historic Homes, Hotels, Inns, Museums, Pubs, Restaurants, Tea Rooms and much more. 

The tourist from whatever part of the world who wants to visit little known villages and towns within easy distance from London and get to know a great deal about the history and present day facilities will be well served by this book. The English natives too, who wish to discover more about this part of the country could not have a better start than to read what this book has to offer and then to adventure out and find out a great deal more about what lies on their doorstep in the home counties. The information offered here will intrigue and surprise all who read the content and in the process learn much more about themselves and the beautiful English countryside within close proximity to London, which some of us are fortunate enough to call home. The reader is led on a journey by an author with a sure hand as it is clear she knows and loves her subject and the places she helps you discover will remain with you both before and after a visit. The visitor makes a journey which is both satisfying and an educational experience as the hidden history is revealed and explanations offered for the basis of country law and custom, tradition and folklore. Well worth a read even if your planned journey remains a pipe dream for the time being, it certainly will inspire many to turn those day dreams into reality and to start packing for a voyage of discovery and a real adventure in the English countryside.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock Art

Nestled by the side of Fall River Road, Idaho Springs, is a very large rock weighing perhaps two tons. How anyone could look at a such a rock, and "see" that it resembled a pig is beyond my imagination. Then of course, gallons of  pink paint had to be carried into the forest for the work to begin. The pig's features (not sure of the gender) are finished in black paint.