Friday, November 30, 2012

Keeping Evil Spirits at Bay

Top photo: The sole of an adults shoe - possibly medieval
Lower photo: A child's shoe - beautifully crafted

One of my family members lives in a 400+ year old listed cottage in England. When repairs were made recently, various remnants of shoes were found around the chimneys, windows and doors. After doing some research, I discovered that centuries ago people believed that shoes (because they retained the shape, and therefore the individuals presence) helped ward off evil spirits. They were placed strategically for maximum effectiveness.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grease Monkey - Aurora

We've all heard that terrible "clunk" when we realize the battery is as dead as a doornail. But last week, after calling the Grease Monkey located at 22515 East Aurora Parkway, the manager, Mike Long, took care of the problem. He sent a man to the house to jump start the car, so I could drive it back to the store. Since we needed a large battery, and one they didn't have in the was brought from another location, and installed within the hour. After complimenting Mike, he said, "We try very hard to do all we can for our customers, and provide the best possible service...that way, we know you'll come back to us."

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Savory Spice Shop

The first thing anyone would notice on entering the new spice shop at Southlands, Aurora, Colorado…is the aroma! Patrons are actually encouraged to take a sample off the shelf, shake a little on the back of their hand, and then brush it to the shop floor. This of course provides a wonderful, spicy fragrance to the shop, and therefore a completely different experience when buying spices. I was offered advice on how to use a particular spice, how much to use, and when to use it.  
Michael and Kaeli Sandhoff are owners of the Savory Spice Shop at Southlands. They commented recently…“We, as well as one of our fabulous employees, Sandy, have spent several weeks in September at the Savory Spice Shop Warehouse in Denver putting together our store inventory. We have jarred many, many spices and put together a lot of gift sets…we can’t wait to for you all to come and see it.”
Southlands Shopping Center
6295 S. Main Street
Ste. 105-B
Aurora, Colorado 80016

P: (303) 680-2117
F: (303) 680-2293

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Artist -- Robert L. Wogrin

I recently had the pleasure of taking a class by Robert L. Wogrin. What a delight! The man is truly inspirational. More than once during the session, he mentioned how “lucky” we artists are (I use the term loosely in respect to my work) to get up each morning and “create” something of beauty. He said that beauty is all around us if only we open our eyes. "Occasionally, while touring the Rockies, I will come across a landscape that I haven’t seen before…and I have to paint it.”

As a novice artist, I know I need to paint, and practice and practice…but one thing is for sure, Wogrin made me want to rush home, drag the paints out, and start painting immediately.
The photo and text were taken from Wogrin’s web site.
Born in Denver, Colorado, Robert L. Wogrin has lived in and near the Rocky Mountains his entire life. In his youth, Wogrin spent much time in his family's mountain cabin and began a lifelong love affair with the beauty and splendor of the Rockies. Wogrin in his studio near Conifer, Colorado Wogrin earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Denver in 1949 and worked initially as a commercial artist in advertising before devoting himself to architectural delineation for more than 25 years. Finally, in 1977 he turned his full attention and considerable energy to fine art. He maintains his studio in his home looking west and north to the Front Range. He first gained attention in 1980 when he began a series of paintings depicting all 54 of Colorado's famous 14,000-foot peaks. His current subject matter covers the full range of mountain scenery, even the desert canyons in the Southwest, while he remains a student of his art, ever searching for the better way to express his love of his subject. The Colorado artist has exhibited in juried art shows nationwide, including the American Artists Grand National Show and the Knickerbocker Artists Show, both in New York City; the Western Art Rendezvous Show; and the Tulsa International Mayfest. Collectors have responded to Wogrin's vision. His works are part of the Forbes Magazine Collection in New York City; the George Phippen Memorial Art Museum in Prescott, Arizona; and the Anschutz Collection in Denver.

For more information and to view Bo’s work, go to: