Friday, April 22, 2011

Captain Dave of Safari Boat Excursions

What an adventure! Captain Dave of Safari Boat Excursions ( took us on an exciting adventure as he circumnavigated Lanai. The journey began at 7:00 AM at the Lahaina harbor in Maui and finished back there at 2:30 PM. Breakfast was served on board, and also a delicious lunch.

Captain Dave’s boat (Lanakila) was built to his own specification. It is fast, comfortable, strong and designed for easy access to the water – which turned out to be very important to the snorkelers and free divers on board. It gives a much better ride than the alternative raft boats.
Our first stop as we went around the island was the wreck of a concrete Liberty boat scuttled by its captain after WWII. This was just the first of many special sites Captain Dave shared with those in the boat and that few other visitors to Maui experience.

At another location Captain Dave expertly maneuvered the boat into a cave opening and then throttled back just as the swell crashed onto the surrounding rocks and showering everybody sitting on the bow of the boat. The ensuing screams of delight from the women and girls, and whoops and whistles from the men on board delighted Captain Dave and all aboard.

Largest Banyan Tree in the USA

The Banyan tree sits in the middle of the town square in Lahaina, Maui. It is the largest Banyan tree in America. It was planted in April, 1873, as a memorial to the Christian missionaries who preached in the area. First thing in the morning, and at dusk, the chorus of birds is truly wonderful. During the day, the huge branches provide shade to the thousands of visitors and residents who sit under the boughs to enjoy their lunch.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Humor - English Style

The following advertisements are from British Newspapers ---
Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica – 45 volumes. Excellent condition £200.00 or best offer. No longer needed, got married -- wife knows everything!
Wedding Dress for Sale – worn once by mistake!
Joining Nudist Colony – must sell washer and dryer £100.00
Free Puppies – Mother is a German Shepherd…Father is a Super Dog able to leap tall fences in a single bound.
Free Puppies – ½ Cocker Spaniel…and ½ sneaky neighbour’s dog.
Free Yorkshire terrier – 8 years old. Hateful little “b*#*##” – Bites!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

An English Tea to Celebrate

The Denver Woman's Press Clubhouse on 1325 Logan Street was packed to capacity yesterday as members and winners celebrated the winners of the Unknown Writers' Competition -- AND THE WINNERS ARE:

1st Place: "The Last Intersection" by Janet B. Sheridan
2nd Place: "One Afternoon" by Pamela Dunaj
3rd Place: "Sandpaper" by Julie Thornton
Honorable Mention: "Whale" by Elizabeth Fritzler

1st Place: "Mithia" by Fay Coulouris
2nd Place: "Painfully Shy" by Karen A. Waters
3rd Place: "Dear Alice" by Nicole S. Piasecki
Honorable mention: "Pet Cemetery" by Anita Mumm

1st Place: "The Sunset" by Linda Millemann
2nd Place: "Picasso, Trying to Impress Chicks" by Roxanne Barker
3rd Place: "Color matters" by Mathew Cannizzaro
Honorable Mentions: "Initiation" by Lin Fife
"The Hero" by Spencer Spalding
"Miswant" by Susan Levasseur

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The MoZaic at the Palmer Divide

The Inn at the Palmer Divide, nestled in the Rockies between Denver and Colorado Springs, features a dedicated Event Center and great accommodation. I was invited to lunch by some friends whom I haven’t seen in years, and they told me they were taking me to a special place that had quickly become a favorite -- The MoZaic restaurant and lounge. The lunch was wonderful! The tables and napkins are covered with good quality linen, the staff friendly and courteous. They offer a large menu (reasonably priced), the food is excellent, and the view of the mountains is absolutely breathtaking. I have a feeling the MoZaic will become a favorite place for me too.
For more information go to: