Sunday, April 10, 2011

An English Tea to Celebrate

The Denver Woman's Press Clubhouse on 1325 Logan Street was packed to capacity yesterday as members and winners celebrated the winners of the Unknown Writers' Competition -- AND THE WINNERS ARE:

1st Place: "The Last Intersection" by Janet B. Sheridan
2nd Place: "One Afternoon" by Pamela Dunaj
3rd Place: "Sandpaper" by Julie Thornton
Honorable Mention: "Whale" by Elizabeth Fritzler

1st Place: "Mithia" by Fay Coulouris
2nd Place: "Painfully Shy" by Karen A. Waters
3rd Place: "Dear Alice" by Nicole S. Piasecki
Honorable mention: "Pet Cemetery" by Anita Mumm

1st Place: "The Sunset" by Linda Millemann
2nd Place: "Picasso, Trying to Impress Chicks" by Roxanne Barker
3rd Place: "Color matters" by Mathew Cannizzaro
Honorable Mentions: "Initiation" by Lin Fife
"The Hero" by Spencer Spalding
"Miswant" by Susan Levasseur