Thursday, November 15, 2012

A New Savory Spice Shop

The first thing anyone would notice on entering the new spice shop at Southlands, Aurora, Colorado…is the aroma! Patrons are actually encouraged to take a sample off the shelf, shake a little on the back of their hand, and then brush it to the shop floor. This of course provides a wonderful, spicy fragrance to the shop, and therefore a completely different experience when buying spices. I was offered advice on how to use a particular spice, how much to use, and when to use it.  
Michael and Kaeli Sandhoff are owners of the Savory Spice Shop at Southlands. They commented recently…“We, as well as one of our fabulous employees, Sandy, have spent several weeks in September at the Savory Spice Shop Warehouse in Denver putting together our store inventory. We have jarred many, many spices and put together a lot of gift sets…we can’t wait to for you all to come and see it.”
Southlands Shopping Center
6295 S. Main Street
Ste. 105-B
Aurora, Colorado 80016

P: (303) 680-2117
F: (303) 680-2293