Monday, September 13, 2010

Phoenix FM Radio, Essex, England

Tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM (Denver time - 1:30 PM England) I have a telephone interview with Michelle Ward, of Phoenix FM Radio, to discuss my latest book, Forbidden. My story is of particular interest to Michelle since the story begins in Essex, and ends 500 miles away on a windswept Scottish shore.
ISBN 978-1-935605-34-8.

The book is now available on Kindle.
Following is a short excerpt.

"..Sawney looked around the people crouched by the huge fire that blazed in the center of a cavern. A large black pot hung from a tripod over the fire, the water boiling noisily. As the clan moved around the fire, their images danced off the walls, eerie, ominous shapes that reminded him of the monsters in his dreams – terrifying dreams that caused him to wake in the middle of the night soaked in sweat. He visited Margaret at such times, and she would sooth him. He knew this would be just such a night, but Margaret was no longer able to help him. Instead he watched as Agnes leaned over the dead woman as she tore the clothes off..."

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