Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Signing Event at English Tealeaves in Parker, Colorado.

The owners of English Tealeaves in Parker, Colorado, kindly allowed me to have a book signing event at their tea shop, and what an experience! I looked around the store to see all the tables booked to capacity. Pretty china, beautiful tablecloths, flowers on the tables and the delicacies of clotted cream teas, sandwiches and much, much more, were absolutely outstanding.

The following information was taken from English Tealeaves site.
English Tealeaves passion is to find and supply you with teas for all occasions. Enjoy tea with various foods, at different times of the day, for its health benefits, or just for the pure enjoyment of it. We have a exciting selection of over 125 black teas, green teas, white teas, and oolong teas, along with decaffeinated teas, tisanes, and herbal varieties. We give friendly, expert advice on all of our selections, and can help you learn how to brew tea properly with the right equipment. Stop by and try one of our hot or iced teas in our cozy, relaxing cafe in Parker, Colorado. You can also enjoy the fine selection of Tealeaves premium teas by shopping our new online store. www.englishtealeaves.com/