Friday, May 25, 2012

Real Old World Italian Deli

If you order sausages in a Denver restaurant, they more than likely came from Carmine Lonardo’s Deli and Delicatessen. They produce thousands of pounds of sausages, and distribute to over 200 restaurants in the Denver metropolitan area...and sausages are just the beginning! Our steaks were a “melt-in-the-mouth” experience, and the sweet chili chicken was delicious too. There are mouthwatering salami, cheeses and olives – French and Italian bread, as well as many other authentic Italian foods, all at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and helpful. Just walking into the shop is a treat. They also offer freezer pack specials starting at $109.00. I believe this would be a wonderful gift idea for that “difficult to please” family member or friend.  

There are two locations.

7585 W. Florida, Lakewood. #303-985-3555

15280 Smoky Hill Rd. Aurora #303-699-4532.