Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cream Horns

Yes, I’m back to food again and in particular…desserts. Over the next few weeks, I will include some recipes that I believe those following my blog will enjoy. Most are relatively easy to make – but look impressive. Take Cream Horns as an example. You can make your own Puff Pastry, but why not take a short cut and get some from the store. The following dessert can be made in minutes -- but the tins are a must!

8 oz. or one package of Puff Pastry
Double Whipping Cream
Strawberry Jam

Roll puff pastry out until it’s about the thickness of a quarter. Cut into 1” strips, and begin winding at the pointed end of the tin.  Overlap the pastry (about ½”) as you wind towards the larger section of the cream horn tin to be sure there are no gaps. Brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with sugar, and bake in a hot oven 450 degrees for about ten minutes. When cool, the pastry shells should easily be removed from the tins (fat content is high.) Beat the whipping cream (with a little sugar if desired) and place into a piping bag. Drop a teaspoon of strawberry jam in the bottom of the shell, pipe in the cream, and a little teaspoon of strawberry jam for color.  

Note: The shells can be made and frozen - fill with cream/jam when needed.