Monday, November 14, 2011

Strange Display

I am never too sure of what I will see in a campground. I've watched with interest as campers, as big as small houses, pull into a bay and immediately, pop ups, pull outs, awnings, BBQ's, etc. suddenly appear. These are quickly followed by dogs and cats on leashes, men with parrots on their shoulders, and children! Almost before the vehicle has come to a complete standstill, the kids burst through the door, and rush to the back of the camper where the bikes and scooters are stored. Within minutes, they are bicycling up and down, exploring the campsite, the game room, the shop and pool...laughter filling the air.

Over the years, I have seen a steady increase in camper rental. At this particular campsite, three identical campers arrived simultaneously. The families (from Italy) were touring the United States, and decided to camp instead of staying in motels. It was a wonderful sight to see the three families join together for supper that evening, cook their BBQ, and enjoyed a glass of wine as their children amused enjoyed themselves.

One of my favorite past times when camping is to exercise. I've seen some sights over the years...but nothing quite like the one that greeted me early one morning. I had to run back for my camera! I can only imagine the jeans (that are stuffed with flowerpots by the way) had some importance to the owner of the camper.

Worth noting! Some campgrounds have shuttle services to and from town. This is a great idea unless of course a traveller is towing a small car.