Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Elixir of Life

Some people call it the elixir of life. Mead is probably the oldest drink known to man, and has been in existence for more than 7000 years BC.
Recently, I took a tour of the Redstone Meadery in Boulder, and bought a couple of bottles of mead. They were absolutely delicious.
The following information came directly from the Redstone Meadery web site.
If you already drink mead (honey wine), we've got you covered! If you haven't tried mead, are you ready for a taste explosion?
We invite you to shop here, or stop by the meadery for a free tasting of our award winning meads. Why not take a free tour of our facility? While you're in, have a glass of mead in our cozy mead hall and buy a bottle (or 12) to go!
But don't take our word for it......join the revolution! Head to your local bar and...
If it was good enough for Bacchus, Zeus, Beowulf and Shakespeare, it’s good enough for you. -- Boulder Weekly

Boulder's Redstone Meadery, one of the country's largest mead producers, offers such enticing mixers as the Meadmosa, Nectar Be Darned and Mead Tai, but our favorite was their Honey Wine with Black Raspberry Puree (Redstone Reserve 2001). It's rich and sweet with dominant honey flavors, complemented by black raspberry, currants and cranberries. Try this melomel (fruit infused mead) in sangria or homemade chocolate truffles, as a sweet fillip for roast beef or duck gravies, or for a modern twist on tiramisu. -- Wine Enthusiast
Some in imbibing circles claim mead was the first fermented beverage. The ancient drink is still around and, what's more, it's the of-the-moment thing to drink now in the Rocky Mountain state. Colorado's own Redstone Meadery in Boulder produces a fine one. --Splendid Table, National Public Radio
What does mead taste like? A visit to the tasting rooms at Redstone Meadery will answer that question...and then some. Mead is a light garnet color and tastes like sparkling black raspberries - something like summertime in a glass. Or is it amber, tasting like juniper berries, with a slight gin-like flavor and the suggestion of oak? Maybe it tastes like vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon that curls around the back of your throat? Or perhaps like cool clear golden honey wine, a taste that reconnects with genetic memory, the first fermented beverage known to man (and woman). Could it be mead in that crescent-moon shaped bottle? --Colorado Daily
Well, what are you waiting for? Time to drink some mead!