Monday, August 9, 2010

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Deep in the countryside of Keenesburg, Colorado, is the Wild Animal Sanctuary. As soon as a visitor enters the compound, the roar of the cats can be heard, especially when they hear the trolleys carrying their food. There are so many tigers, I lost count. We arrived on Tuesday morning around 10:00 AM during feeding time, (they are also fed on Thursdays and Saturdays) and watched from the overhead observation walkways as literally hundreds of pounds of meat were thrown into the cages of the waiting animals. Each tiger has its own cage with a pool. The animals are well cared for and see a veterinarian often. Many of the large cats, bears, wolves, etc. have been placed in the sanctuary for their own protection. Sometimes, they were terribly abused, beaten, chained to posts, and kept in small cages for many years. To see them play in their individual "baths," climb or play in a habitat as close to nature as possible, was an absolute joy. But, keeping these animals safe and free from harm costs a small fortune, so please visit...and visit support this wonderful organization.

Please visit The Wild Animal Sanctuary at:
Or telephone: 303-536-0118