Saturday, August 28, 2010

Commemorating those Airmen from the 94th Bombardment Group of the USAF

Within a short distance of the magnificent cathedral at Bury St. Edmunds lies a tranquil rose garden. I was interested to see how the gardens began – who inspired such a beautiful place. I was genuinely surprised to find out that it was a fellow American, Mr. John T. Appleby served with the 487th Bomb Group located near Lavenham in Suffolk. He was stationed in the county for only half a year…but it was long enough for him to fall in love with the area. He decided to write about his experiences, and penned a slim volume entitled, Suffolk Summer.  Mr. Appleby did not accept the royalties on the book, but instead donated them to the rose garden to commemorate those brave souls who lost their lives fighting a war so far from home.