Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Terracotta Artist in Orvieto, Italy

Every time I walk into my kitchen, I see my terracotta souvenir from the workshop of Alberto Bellini. I chose a piece that suited my needs, but there were so many beautiful pieces on display in his shop that it was a hard choice for me to make.

Alberto Bellini is a young artist crafting unusual works of terracotta art that appear almost magical or mystical in nature. His studio and shop in Orvieto, Italy, is full of his terracotta sculptures, plaques and figurines. Some appear to be romatic in nature (man and woman embrasing) while others seem to have a medieval theme with hooded indivuals hunched over books and other items.

It is fascinating to watch Alberto at work in his studio at: Terracotte Artistic, Piazza De Ranieri, Orvieto. Tel: 349 3156502.