Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chocolate Lover's Delight

I highly recommend this chocolate - absolutely delicious!

From the back of the box...
Our single origin chocolate is made in Colorado using traditional, European methods with ethically-sourced cacao from around the world. We welcome you to take the time to taste the unique and balanced flavor of our chocolate, just as we have taken the time to create it.
Costa Rica 2009 Harvest
Made with organic, Costa Rican cacao from one of the world’s best cacao farms. The richness of this chocolate makes it a favorite among dark chocolate lovers, yet its complexity attracts the true connoisseurs. The bold, earthy peaks and hints of blackberry and walnut found in this chocolate are a result of the volcanic-rich soil of Costa Rica and careful drying methods of the cacao.

Belize 2012 Harvest
The organic cacao is grown by a network of Mayan farmers in the Toledo district of Belize. This area has a rich genetic history that is a blend of indigenous heirloom and Trinitario cacao. The result is a balanced chocolate with notes of dried fig, cherry and a hint of tobacco.  

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