Friday, July 26, 2013

Chedworth Roman Villa

On our visit to Chedworth Roman Villa, we were fortunate to see Sue Day at work demonstrating the ancient art of nalbinding. Sue has done extensive research on the technique (as well as many other long forgotten forms of knitting, weaving and dyeing.) Some time ago, she studied a Viking mitten at a museum, and re-created the centuries old design. She dyes and spins her own wool using all natural substances such as plants and berries. To learn more about Sue’s work, please go to:

The brochure provided at the villa states: “Welcome to the ‘Golden Age’ of Roman Britain. I highly recommend a tour to view the following:
  • View mosaics from suspended walkway
  • See the newly-uncovered corridor mosaics
  • Enjoy a multi-sensory presentation of the sights, smells and sounds of the Roman dining room and bath house
  • Witness live archaeology and conservation on site
  • Discover the remains of Roman dining room, bath houses, a water shrine, latrines and under floor heating and cooling systems
  • View the snails that creep along the ancient walls. Brought by the Romans as a food source,  they are still there hiding under the layers of leaves during the winter months, and emerging in the spring -- It has been so for almost 2,000 thousand years.