Thursday, October 20, 2011

From My Kitchen To Yours

Over many years of cooking for my family, I've made mistakes and had some dismal failures. Some I've been able to correct by asking friends what they've done in similar circumstances. I've written some of those remedies down, and will share those with you over the next few weeks.

Don't discard butter and margarine wrappers...they make wonderful cake pan liners

Brown sugar won't harden if an apple slice is placed in the container - however, if your brown sugar is rock hard...use a cheese grater to grate off the amount you need

A few drops of lemon juice added to whipping cream helps it whip faster

A small amount of baking soda added to gravy will eliminate excess grease

If you have used too much salt in your soup or stew - add some raw potatoes. They will absorb the salt and you can remove them when the soup/stew is cooked

Poached eggs won't spread in the boiling water if you add a little vinegar.

More to come another day ----