Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Knitting for Good Causes

When I'm not writing (now on the second of a trilogy - the first book, Forbidden, is doing very well), playing tennis or sewing, I like to knit. Having exhausted my friends and family of the little items above, I'm now knitting for charity. These little purses are suitable for 18" dolls, and I can't make them fast enough. I also knit smaller versions for the popular 12" dolls.

Unfortunately, these articles never made it to The Gathering Place in Denver, a shelter for women that is sponsored by the Denver Woman's Press Club. Instead, they were bought by friends and members of the various clubs that I attend, so I was able to make a generous donation to The Gathering Place.

Not to leave the little boys out, I make finger puppets (pigs, bears and horses), that I hope will encourage imaginary play for children of all ages.

By the way, I was able to find the patterns on line at no cost, and much of the yarn has been donated by friends. This is a fun project for me - why not try it yourself and help a charity.

To make a donation to The Gathering Place, please go to:
1535 High Street
Denver, CO 80218-1704
(303) 321-4198