Saturday, July 17, 2010

Caernarfon Castle - Wales

It’s hard to believe that many centuries, or almost a thousand years ago, men stood in the gatehouse at Caernarfon Castle sharpening their swords and arrow heads on the surrounding stone walls. At roughly twenty-four inches off the ground, there are thick, deep gouges in the stones, obviously made by someone sharpening a sword. Then, at approximately eye level, there are similar but narrower verticle groves, clearly where soldiers had used the stone walls to sharpend their arrow heads.
None of this I knew until I interviewed Paul Williams, who happened to be on duty that day at the castle. He was a wealth of knowledge, volunteering information that only someone very familiar with the history could possibly know. I originally asked him about the Murder Holes in the gatehouse, (previously posted on my blog) and it was then that he noted the score marks of the swords and arrow heads. He even demonstrated how the sword would have slid through the stone, to provide a sharp edge. It was a great interview, and I found the information fascinating.

I highly recommend a visit. Take a picnic, spread your blanket, and enjoy a wonderful day at the castle. You will not be disappointed.