Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Author and Artist

Audrey Ledgerwood (left) and Elizabeth Wallace

Having just finished my first novel, Forbidden, I was wondering what image would be used for the front cover. Since I belong to an art class, I had an idea. I asked the publisher if he would consider reviewing paintings from my group. Once I had his agreement, I gave everyone a synopsis, some general ideas, location, setting, time of year, etc. and off they went to work. Two weeks later, I had a little collection of paintings that I scanned and submitted to the publisher. I think everyone was pleased when he chose Audrey Ledgerwood’s illustration. According to the publisher, “We think Audrey’s illustration best represents the story…”

Audrey Ledgerwood is a local artist and illustrator. She currently lives in Aurora, Colorado, with her husband. She loves to paint, play bocce ball, and enjoys playing bridge.