Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Night - Bend, Oregon

What's better than a beer and burger after a day of travelling? Our destination Deschutes Brewery which has been producing excellent brews since 1988. They rovided us an excellent meal, good and courteous service and a fine atmosphere.

The following was taken from their web site.

 Deschutes Brewery, located in Central Oregon along the banks of the wild and scenic Deschutes River, has brewed a family of handcrafted ales since 1988. Starting out as a small brewpub in the heart of downtown Bend, Deschutes’ first beers were Black Butte Porter, Bachelor Bitter and Cascade Golden Ale.

 In 1993, Deschutes moved into its current brewing facility and has continued expanding and improving the facilities. With a 50-barrel traditional gravity brew house and a new one-of-a-kind 131-barrel Huppmann brew system from Germany, Deschutes now creates and experiments with specialty batches of limited beers like The Abyss and Hop Trip while brewing large quantities of everyone’s favorites like Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Consistently producing the highest quality beers is always Deschutes’ number one priority and commitment.

 Our Beers

 Deschutes Brewery’s courageously crafted ales include Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Obsidian Stout, Inversion IPA, Green Lakes Organic Ale, Bachelor ESB, Cascade Ale, Red Chair NWPA (spring), Twilight Ale (summer), and Jubelale (fall). Bond Street Series, Reserve Series and other experimental beers are available at our pubs and can be found where good beer is sold.

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