Tuesday, April 27, 2010

English Tea with the WOW Group

At an event recently with the WOW (Wonderful World of Women) in Glen Eagle, Colorado Springs, I had to quickly change my program. Originally, my presentation included the tea ceremonies I had experienced in Japan, the origins of tea, tea etiquette, etc. but, after speaking to the host, I realized these were very well traveled ladies, many were wives of servicemen who had lived abroad for many years. They probably knew more about the customs and traditions of tea than I would ever know. Instead, I decided on a different tact that included my exploits on live radio and television, including my "contrary to popular belief...you can do the 50 yard dash...in high heels..." story. This brought a scream of laughter than I'm sure could be heard around the block. I followed with a short reading from my new book, Forbidden.

The WOW group meet once a month. They visit places of interest and education, art galleries, a new restaurant, or simply take a picnic and hike into the mountains. The camaraderie among the ladies is obvious. They smiled from the moment they arrived until they left. Hugs and kisses all around - until next month.