Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ancient Vineyard in Pompeii

Care was taken during the restoration of Pompeii. Even the vineyards were carefully reconstructed in every detail. The following information was taken from a pamphlet in the area.

"Nearly 2,400 root holes of vines were plastercast in this large area, along with their supporting stakes: the plants were laid out along north-south rows at a distance of 1.20m from each other, with a 1.5m between rows. This layout followed the rules given by ancient authors for growing wine on hillsides which required sunny and ventilated land.

The area, which was also used as a work space for wine making and with triclinia for wine tasting, was replanted with sciascinoso and piedi rosso vines. These vines were called by the ancient Pompeians oleogina vitis and columbina, and their bunches of grapes are depicted in frescos."