Sunday, September 6, 2009

Broncos Pre-Season Game

Just last Thursday night, I have the privilege of attending the second pre-season Broncos game of the season. Actually, it was my first ever football game since arriving in America all those years ago. In any case, there I sat in a suite at the 50 yard line (which I guess is really important) eating fabulous ribs, shrimp, crab and helping myself to a full complement of beers, wines and soft drinks. It was a "friendly" or "practice" game against the Cardinals, and I'm glad to say the Broncos won 19-0. Of course, I didn't know what on earth was going on and had to have the plays explained by our hosts each time. But what an experience! It is one thing to see it on the television - it's quite another to see it in real life!

Soon after this photo was taken, players ran from the mouth of the inflatable Bronco as flames shot into the air, and the crowd cheered. The Bronco cheerleaders did a fantastic job of rallying everyone and the game began. At intervals a rider on a spectacular horse galloped across the field to the cheers of the audience. I couldn't take my eyes off the whole thing - was fascinated in fact.