Monday, September 24, 2007

Bicycle Trails in Colorado

With literally hundreds of miles of bicycle trails, Colorado must be one of the finest places in the world to enjoy a ride, especially at this time of the year.

The Rockies have so much to offer a cyclist. Spectacular views from the relatively low foothills to the impressive 14,000 feet summits. Whether you’re visiting Colorado on vacation or are a resident, you’ll find plenty of support from books to bike rental companies.

I personally love the ride along the South Platte River heading north to Denver. The approximately 6 feet wide trail is carefully marked similar to a road, e.g. dashed lines to indicate caution, double yellow lines to let a rider know there should be no passing, etc. The well maintained trail has regular mile markers so riders can easily map their course and there are places to sit quietly and have something to eat and drink. Since the trail follows the South Platte, there is plenty of wildlife. I have seen coyotes, snakes and of course a multitude of birds. I usually drive to Mineral and Santa Fe (85) and park in the ample parking lot. From this location, the trip by bicycle to Denver is about 17 miles, providing a round trip ride of approximately 34 miles. Along the way, you pass the confluence of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. Once again, it’s a great place to take a break, eat, drink or even visit the R.E.I store.

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