Thursday, June 21, 2007

W.I.S.E. Event

The WISE Family History Society (Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England) meet on the 4th Saturdays of January through June, September, October and the 1st Saturday of December at the Gates Conference Room at the Denver Public Library.

I was invited to speak at one of the meetings about my book Extraordinary Places…Close to London. The presentation included excerpts from the book including information on Reverend Lawrence Washington, great, great grandfather to our first president. Washington was ousted from the church in 1643 because of his royalist leanings. His sons, John and Lawrence left England after their father’s harsh treatment and began their lives in the New World.

Also presented and discussed was the home of the Sherman family, six members of whom helped with the building of America and Christopher Martin from Billericay who sailed on the Mayflower.