Sunday, March 11, 2007

Italy by Train

I’ve added a new link to the blog today. Gabriele D’Errico operates a web-based travel agency specializing in vacations in Italy by train. However, his web site provides a wealth of information about Italy including: hotels, country inns, cruises, flights, airport transfers, guide services, excursions, car rental, museums, photo album, restaurants, things to know, trains, currency converter, weather, Italian terms, books, DVDs, and food.

From Gabriele’s web site:
“Do you know that the train is the easiest and most convenient means of transportation in Italy? I am an Italian native with more than 10 years experience in tourism across Italy. I am now married to an American, living in the US, and am a travel consultant for people wishing to explore my lovely native country. On this web site, I offer any travel product available on the market and also provide LOTS of FREE advice.”