Monday, January 8, 2007

Cozumel Trip Planning Advice

My husband and I spent most of a recent Saturday morning using Orbitz, Trip Advisor, and general Google searches to help decide/plan a first-ever Cozumel trip, with only limited success. We selected a package deal and then checked it out on Trip Advisor only to find conflicting reports on the hotel and the area.

After a lot of effort we decided the comments were very subjective and therfore not much help, but without previous personal experience or input from friends and family we were struggling to make our planning decisions--that is until my husband found the Cozumel My Cozumel web site.

This site is packed full of incredibly useful information from two Americans who live on the island year-round. The site offers information and advice in six main categories:
  • Travel Basics

  • Lodging Related

  • Eating Related

  • Things to Do

  • Cozumel for Cruisers

  • Diving Cozumel

  • Living on Cozumel
Each category has as many as 12 to14 subcategories that include "Money Matters", "Health and Safety Issues", "The Art of Bargaining", and so on.

I particulary appreciated the recommendations on lodging and diving. And once the trip was booked, we're now spending time planning the stay with advice on restaurents, trips, and shopping.

In short, if you're planing a trip to Cozumel this is a must-see web site!