Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life's Little Adventures

Earl Steinbicker, who edited my book Extraordinary Places ... Close to London, has written or edited 17 books in a highly successful series called "Daytrips” and now he has launched a blog called Life’s Little Adventures.

From Earl's blog:

"• World Traveler • Commercial Photographer • Author • Book Editor • And More • I've been all of these, and now I'm older and ready to tell all that I've learned — back in the prehistoric times before computers — and how I've come to terms with today's technology. Hello, my name is Earl Steinbicker and I'll frequently include complete one-day adventures from my books that you can take, as experienced by myself and my little gang of travel writers. Along the way, you'll meet a few celebs (even living ones!), hear my rants about the publishing business, and experience some unusual happenings. Enjoy!"